Write for us

So you want to write for us? Observe our 10 easy steps and send in your article, op-ed or analysis.

  1. Avoid jargon. Write simply and in an easy fashion for the general reader
  2. We are not good judges of sermons so please avoid preachy articles. We aim to connect in serious, engaging and intelligent conversations which will enrich and enlighten the lives of our visitors.
  3. Factual light reading is also welcome.
  4. The right to edit remains with IOO.
  5. We love poetry and fiction but these are not our areas of expertise
  6. Environmental concerns, economic plans, diplomatic engagements, historical narratives, political analyses, trade affairs, cultural heritage, security briefings and energy demands are our menu.
  7. Topical op-ed articles are also welcome.
  8. The western Indian Ocean region is an important Geo-strategic region to the world. Treat it as such.
  9. All articles, analyses must have a bearing on the western Indian Ocean.
  10. Please do not send us your CVs. Just write. Articles that break new ground and go above the mold to find answers to pressing issues are IOO's soft spot.
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